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Projects & Funding

We are keen to undertake a wide range of projects, substantial in scope, and we offer a variety of funding options.

Projects & Funding


When you’re investing serious sums in a development (and projects at the upper end of the scale are where we choose to operate) you can rest assured that at Kessler Dwyer we will reward the trust you place in us.

Our scope extends across anything from the one-off development to large-scale commercial projects. And to facilitate fast and trouble-free progress, we are able to provide any finance necessary for construction if you find yourself not in a position to fund the project yourself.

Developments with Kessler Dwyer fall into three broad categories:

  • 1:


    Single residential units between 4,000-12,000 sq ft

  • 2:


    Between £5-20 million development cost

  • 3:


  • Type 1:


    By their very nature, one-off residential developments vary widely in scope and ambition – but to give some guidance, we’d look at 4,000 sq ft and a £1,000,000 budget as a suitable lower starting point for our involvement.

  • Type 2:


    This category covers anything from multi-unit private residence project through hotel or apartment developments to commercial buildings – larger schemes which fall into a £5 million to £20 million budget spread.

  • Type 3:


    We are always willing to consider projects which you see as proceeding on a joint-venture basis – These would be on the size and scope of a commercial development.

Finance and Repayment


If required, we can help you with finance for the construction. Due to our ability to access a consortium of high net worth individuals willing to lend in order to progress our developments, we can offer top-up or mezzanine finance or provide all the finance required on a melded rate basis.

Melded Rate Finance

We will initially lend to replace an existing mortgage up to an LTV of 60% of the land value. Thereafter, we will lend 100% of the build cost, subject to a maximum of 60% of the end value of the project.


You must have a deal in place which will refinance the project on completion; we don’t undertake projects which rely on a sale of the finished property to meet the financial obligations. Prior to first drawdown, we will need sight of a signed-in-principle refinance agreement and the guarantor’s net worth statement. Where planning is required, on receipt of planning, and before any advances are made, we will need to see evidence of refinancing arrangements with a financial institution to ensure that investor funds will be returned within 18 months.

Terms & Conditions

Projects vary widely and, as a result, our Terms and Conditions are created anew for every development we undertake. To discuss your development in more detail with one of our directors, please call us on +44 (0)20 7129 1090 or email us at info@kesslerdwyer.com.