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We've learnt that the key to unearthing the very best gems isn't just the depth of your knowledge, it's the size of your contact book

Land Finding

No-one knows land like a local. And absolutely no-one knows the locality better than us.

To begin at the beginning: we'll talk to you in-depth until we're confident that we know exactly what you do want — and therefore exactly what you don't. Combining our extensive knowledge of what's currently available, or shortly to come onto the market, with the inside information of those we know and trust in the industry, we'll begin the search. Candidate properties will be diligently marked against your requirements until we arrive at a shortlist. And once you've made your selection, we'll advise on a reasonable purchase price given prevailing market conditions.

Initial consultation

  • Locations
  • Restrictions
  • Covenants
  • Subsidence

EXTENSIVE Network of industry contacts

  • On and off market

Shortlisting properties

  • Financial
  • Expectations


  • Price guide
  • Market trends